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Meet Mitch, a Severely Neglected German Shepherd

Mitch7This is Mitch, a severely neglected German Shepherd was taken in by our rescue after receiving a plea for him a couple of days ago.  He was picked up as a stray in horrible condition, his body covered in large, painful sores.  Animal control did not have a veterinarian on staff, so Mitch had very little time to find a place to go or risk being euthanized due to his health.  We made the decision that Mitch needed our help and he needed it fast!

After arriving at our vet, we have learned a lot more about Mitch.  He is a 104 pound purebred German Shepherd who has been suffering with this condition for a long time.  Not only is his skin in horrible condition, but we've also learned that Mitch is heartworm positive.  Since heartworm treatment is priced by weight, Mitch's will cost us nearly double what a normal treatment costs, as will the antibiotics needed.  vet exam 1

We are excited for the day that Mitch is a gorgeous, healthy German Shepherd, but he has a long road ahead and his medical care will be expensive.  It is estimated that his medication between antibiotics (he needs 3 different kinds), heartworm treatment, pain medication and wound cleaning will cost us $2,000 alone.  This doesn't factor in the cost of his extended hospitalization.  All help is needed and greatly appreciated!  We can accept donations set up in a fund for Mitch, here.  Donations can also be made directly to Mitch's bill out his treating vet, Columbia Hospital for Animals, 1502 Nashville Hwy, Columbia, TN, 38401.

As always, we thank you for your support and invite you to follow Mitch's journey on our Facebook page!



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